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All of our rooms are open from 7.45am until 6pm with different sessions available within these times. 

Buttons: 6 Months - 2 Years

Our welcoming Buttons room is open plan with plenty of floor space for our youngest children. Babies aged from around 6 months to 2 years old enjoy access to a wide range of resources available at their level. There are exciting cozy nooks for our babies to roll, shuffle or crawl into, activities set on surfaces at standing level, as well as areas developed for the oldest children in the room. There are cots available throughout the day for naps, as well as bed mats for the older babies to snuggle down to sleep listening to calming music, often after lunch! 


Books, heuristic and sensory toys are always accessible, as well as a role play area, construction and small world toys, jigsaws and cause and effect toys. Sensory and messy play is supported by practitioners to stimulate the babies’ developing understanding of the world around them. They also have plenty of opportunities to express themselves through singing, dancing and creative activities! 


We offer a nurturing home from home environment in Buttons, where our key person system is established to give our babies a sense of security and comfort. Qualified early years practitioners care for our babies on a 1 to 3 ratio, singing and sharing stories throughout the day to encourage first words and beyond! They work closely with parents and carers for continuity of care and offer feedback at the end of every day. Learning and development is supported by practitioners following the babies leads and interests when it comes to play, interaction and activities.

​Bows: 2-3 Years

Our Bows room is a stimulating and nurturing environment for children aged from around 2 years to 3 years of age. In Bows children can access resources and activities that support their learning and development in all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the framework which we follow. 


Practitioners develop positive relationships with the children through our key person system and observe them closely. This enables them to establish an environment which meets the needs and interests of all of the children. With construction, small-world, sensory, mark-making, and malleable play, role-play and a book area continuously available, there is always plenty for the children to explore! They can also revisit and perfect their developing skills in these continuous provision areas. 


Bows has a small room within the main room, which offers the children the opportunity to make a choice about where they want to play. Within it they can construct, build, balance and problem solve, play music or interact within a smaller group. The children also have direct access to a safe and secure outdoor area where they have the opportunity to run, climb, balance and express themselves through big movements, a necessity for 2 year olds! Our Bows children have the opportunity to access Kidnetics sessions during the week. This is an action packed physical education programme for young children, delivered by external instructors. The lessons focus on developing gross and fine motor skills, indepedence and team work among much more!


In Bows qualified early years practitioners support our 2 year olds speech, communication and social development as a priority. They share stories, sing, practice turn taking in conversation and games, and expand vocabulary through play. Working closely with parents helps practitioners to support the childrens' independence and self care skills. There is direct access to the toilet area from the main room and toilet training is supported when children and parents are ready! 


Our Bows children love to learn through play and leave the room ready for their next adventure in Wrappers!

Wrappers: 3-5 Years


In Wrappers, children aged from around 3 years old learn through play within an environment reflective of the changing needs and interests of all of the children. Children can stay with us until they start a Reception class in school. We work with local Primary schools to ensure a good transition for children when they do eventually move on.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, offering rich learning experiences and continuous provision areas to encourage development in all seven areas of learning. Letters and sounds and mathematics are incorporated into every day play and made fun to learn about during interactive group times. We also encourage social development as a priority in Wrappers. Qualified early years practitioners work on a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children (if aged 3 or above) to offer a structured, yet flexible routine. Wrappers’ children are encouraged to independently access resources and areas of play, including a mark-making station, construction, small world, a light table and ICT toys, a role play area, jigsaws, math's resources and a creative area. The children can make their own choices in play which helps them build in confidence and be more motivated to learn.

With direct access to a spacious outdoor playground Wrappers are supported to take appropriate risks, climb, build and balance. They love to problem solve and use their imaginations on a big scale using drainpipes, crates and tyres outside! Wrappers' children often take advantage of the additional outdoor space within the ground of the community centre. They go on walks around the centre, find shade under the large trees on summer days and access the local public playground. Wrappers also have the opportunity to access Kidnetics sessions during the week. This is an action-packed physical education programme for young children, delivered by external instructors. The lessons focus on developing gross and fine motor skills, independence and teamwork among much more!  

Our nurturing environment and key person system ensure strong relationships are built with all children to enable them to feel safe and happy whilst with us. We continue to work closely with parents to support children in fine tuning their self-care skills such as toilet training, using cutlery and putting on their own shoes and coat and be ready to take on their next stage of education!  

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